Testimonials and Successes


We bought a 2nd home while the market was good. We had already move into our new house. After three months it started to become a ongoing struggle to pay the mortgage on both properties. The old house was listed with a local area real estate agent for 7 months with in luck. I was months away from loosing the house to foreclosure. I was pretty much prepared to throw in the towel but thanks to all of the great people here, I was able to sell my house instead of losing it to the bank. Florida Fast Cash Home Buyers arranged a sale in a matter of days for cash. They were the life-line that I so badly need at the right time.


After the loose of my step-mother, I ended up inheriting her house. Not prepared at all I was force to pay huge maintenance fees and back taxes and I was spending more and more money every month. I tired to sell the property on my own and then listed it with a few Realtors but they could not find a buyer. It was after a close friend heard what I was going through and recommend to Florida Fast Cash Home Buyers that I was finally able to sell the house and pay off my debits.


I got laid off and before I knew it was starting to seriously struggle paying my monthly bills. I eventually fell behind on my mortgage payments and the lender started the foreclosure process at an attempt to get their money back. It was only to you teams’ expert knowledge, you guys were able to convince the bank on my behalf to withdraw the foreclosure. I am sure that if the foreclosure had happen it would have ruined my credit and any future possibilities of buying again. I’m very happy I was able to sell my house and also get money into my pocket after the sale. Honestly, I must say that if it wasn’t for your professional help, I most certainly lost all of my investments. I am forever thankful to have met you and your team when I did.

After splitting up with my now ex-wife, I was left with having to sell our once shared property in order to down-size to a more affordable and more manageable home. I decided to shop around the sell your house fast companies but I just could not bring myself to accept their offers because it feel like I was getting ripped off. Florida Fast Cash Home Buyers offered me $10,000 dollars more than what everyone else was offering and that made me very happy. I really can’t say enough good things about the these guys. You guys really made it happy.